Monday, July 18, 2005

Boy, am I out of it (part two)

I missed the Sunday NYT and was thus not prepared for the uproar over the "fired blogging nanny in Brooklyn" article. I (fortunately) know none of the parties involved. But I'm just feeling so, well, out of it over my nanny concerns versus Ms. Olin's. She worries about the nanny's sex life and posting habits? And here I am, just wondering if I've made the right choice in going back to work, and whether Baby Whit is happy and well in my absence. Ah, silly old-fashioned me.

Boy, am I out of it (part one)

It wasn't until this morning's WSJ, in a front page story about a raucous bachelor party thrown for Dennis Kozlowski's future son-in-law, did I know this:
"Some people are just into lavish dwarf entertainment," says the 4-foot-2 Danny Black, a part-owner in, an outfit that rents dwarfs for parties starting at $149 an hour.