Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life is short, the list of books long ...

... but this article in the Guardian is worth reading. Topic: the representation of work (or lack thereof) in fiction.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Kandy-Kolored ... huh? Oh, I'm back.

Tom Wolfe tries to understand hedge funds, loses it:
...General Electric, which is part of the business world’s wholly rock-solid trinity, along with Otis Elevator and the Federal Reserve...
WTF? OK, I buy Wolfe's general argument that the hedgies are rude, crude, and socially ambitions; and yes, "two-and-twenty" is the "greatest business plan of all time." But GE, Otis, and the Fed? Huh? Oh, and Tom, the really interesting story, which you failed to report, but someone should: why are managers of big pools of money (pension funds, etc.) so willing to fork over the big bucks to the hedge funds, when not all of them are generating above-market returns at reasonable risk?

Anyway, I'm back. Sort of. For now. Still struggling with those commitment issues, as you can see. Baby Hart was born in Eleventh-Month and is still not sleeping well. Toddler Whit is two and is delightful when not mischievous. Work is a struggle. More soon.